Stop Pending, Start Everything

Hate myself for keep pending everything. Well said, I have a lot of think to do especially lot of thought to write but I can’t even start. I just make my thought mix and match in a very random way. Huh. My bad. My bad.
An idea would only an idea without execution. Any plan would only nonsense without real action.
When I hold myself to write something, I always end up forget it or not in a mood again to write it down.

OK, let’s stop this rambling mumbling babbling.
Don’t forget to live happily and eat religiously :p

Now I begin to follow K-Drama series again. Usually watch them in KBS World (thanks God my dorm subscribe for cable TV), downloading or streaming via internet.
Just finish The Innocent Man starring by Song Jong Ki & Moon Chae Won. Oh I’m so in love with Kang Maru :3
Currently watching Pinocchio starring by Lee Jong Suk & Park Shin Hye.
A lot of waiting list such as Fated to Loved You, Marriage not Dating (is it mean ta’aruf in Islam? :p) , Emergency Couple, King’s Family ( I left this drama while I moved to Bandung)
Is Healer a good drama? I dislike Park Min Young .____. Maybe because she played with Lee Min Ho in City Hunter? LOL.


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