Tribute to Our Beloved Kitten

I like cat since my father brought a cute kitten home. We take care of her and give her name ‘cicut’. She grow up as a beautiful healthy cat. Just like human, not every kitten was lucky like cicut did. I have one story about it.

The story begin while my office-mate found a kitten on the street last Thursday. She brought the kitten to the office and take care of it. The kitten named ‘Sapi’ which means cow in Bahasa Indonesia. It’s because the kitten has black and white skin, just like a cow. My friend is a real cat lover, nope, she’s an animal lover.

She bought basket, food, and milk for Sapii. We also bring Sapii to petshop to shower her and give some vaccine. We ask doctor about the possibility to cure her leg, but the doctor said it seems difficult. Sapii right-front leg is damage. So her walk is limping 😦 I can’t imagine how a kitten that love to run and play can’t do these normally like other kitten.


Since me and my friend are stay in a rent/dorm room so we can’t take care Sapii. We ask our friend but nobody wants. Alhamdulillah a girl say that she will adopt Sapii. The other problem come, the girl stay in Bekasi which is far enough from our city. My friend decide to send Sapii by pet delivery which cost about IDR 300.000. We’re sad because it means farewell. But there’s no other choice.

On friday the pet delivery owner pick Sapii up and send her. Sapii arrived on Saturday morning. We hope that she will be happy with her new home. We also pray that she will grow up as a beautiful cat like Cicut.

But today we got a sad news from the adopter. Sapii died because of distemper 😦 My friend cry a lot.
The cutie one didn’t get chance to live longer. At very least she died happily, she got the warmth from us, got chance to play with us, she already try a delicious cat food. Not food from the trash.


                      Sapii Before Died

Some people may think that this is soooo cheesy and sooo overact. I just called this human-animal love. A think called unconditional love, like a mother to her daughter. Or between two bestfriend.
If you don’t like animals better not say anything, do not insult or hurt them. 🙂 Keep your rude and harsh word to feed yourself.  >:E


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