Another Human Story

In my life, I see many people suffering from their own ambition. Funny, sad, pathetic. 

There’s always people who willing to do everything as long as they can reach those ambition. Having ambition isn’t a bad things, since it make people have goal or purpose in life. But, too big ambition accidentally make people difficult to differentiate which right and wrong.
I’m glad that I’ve never have such a nasty ambition. And I wish that I always walk in the right track. Why we are so busy chasing them? Are you really that happy when you get it?
I just believe, when we’re capable, the chance would come.
we deserve what we really deserve. Depend on our skill, attitude, and fate.

No need to steal the spotlight. No need to become a backstabber.

I just afraid, the bigger their ambition, the bigger their insecurity. In some point they they may be successful, but do they prepare for the worst? Are they ready for failure? I’m not sure.

Well, I choose to be an audience.

Just enjoy the show 🙂


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