Being Hectic is So Fun (!)

Since I’m go back home after pass KKN (Kuliah Kerja Nyata or Konflik-Konflik Nyata) ? :p I feel like lost all my passion in writing or do something. It just like I want to live simple, do my common activity, pass it without any challenge. Someone says that I need to take a rest. I need to recover myself as I’m very damn busy and tired while KKN in Bojonegoro.Maybe that’s rite. But now, something missing in my life. I feel like a strange one, I feel like this is the other me, not the real me. Too much spare time make us unproductive. Bad. Haha. Yeahyeah. being hectic is very interesting. I can give benefit to other, I can be useful for my environment. Then now, I’m still confuse for my next step. Am I must added stuff in my schedule, or just let it flow which mean bored sometimes. Geez. I could say I’m pengangguran in Bahasa. :p

picture taken from flickr


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